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Frequently Asked QuestionsScroll down to view answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive about Lies Waste Systems.

  • How do I start service with Lies Waste Systems? You can call our offices at (303)286-6700 and give our office staff some basic billing information over the phone, or you can sign up online by clicking here. We do require your first payment in advance to start your service.
  • How much notice do I need to give in order to start service? We can add new customers to a route with a notice of 1 business day.
  • What payment options do you offer your customers? Lies Waste Systems currently has 4 payment options. Once you receive your bill, you can either:
    • mail in a check or money order to Lies Waste Systems, 5253 E 77th Ave, Commerce City, CO 80022
    • call our office at (303) 286-6700 to pay with a debit/credit card over the phone
    • call our office to setup reoccurring credit card payments
    • pay your bill online by clicking the “Pay Your Bill Online” Button on the home page
  • Do you charge any additional fees/surcharges? Yes, we charge one additional fee. The environmental fee is a new fee that will be charged to all accounts with no exceptions effective 03-01-18. This fee is a direct pass through from the landfill. There has always been an environmental fee charged by the landfill; however, the rate of this fee has gone up significantly over the past year. The environmental fee that you see on your bill will go directly to the landfill and transfer stations to help keep them as environmentally friendly as possible. This is a cost that everyone is contributing towards keeping our communities clean. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.
  • How does your billing work? We bill our commercial customers on a monthly basis. We bill our residential customers on a quarterly basis unless otherwise requested by the customer. We create and mail invoices 30 days before the start of the quarter and payment is due by the first day of the quarter. Accounts whose payments are not received by the 1st will be given a grace period after which there will be a $3 late fee posted on the 15th. If payment is not received by the following 1st of the month, the account will be placed on hold and assessed an additional $5 late fee. Services will not be resumed until full payment has been made. If an account misses their pick-up due to non-payment, it is a $15 fee to reschedule.
  • What time will my trash/recycling be picked-up? Your trash/recycling can be picked-up anytime between 7am and 5pm. We ask that everyone put out their trash/recycling by 7am or the night before to avoid being missed because your trash/recycling was not out. We cannot guarantee a specific time for your trash/recycling pick-up because it will fluctuate from week to week based on the route size, weather, and other unforeseen circumstances. Please keep in mind that the trash and recycling are picked-up by different trucks. If you notice that one has been picked-up while the other hasn’t, please wait until 3pm to call our office.
  • What if my trash container is damaged or stolen?
    Personal Containers: The responsibility for personal container replacement belongs to the resident as residents are responsible for the container’s security and care. It is mandatory that the container used by residents are able to withstand rugged use in the normal collection process. When damage results from the normal collection process, or due to age, Lies Waste Systems does not accept liability and will not replace the personal container. Residents who need to replace a personal container may either rent a 96 gallon cart from Lies Waste Systems for a $1 monthly fee, or may purchase a new container from another source. Containers personally purchased by the resident are subject to standard vendor warranties and life expectancies. Containers Rented from Lies Waste Systems: Containers rented from Lies Waste Systems are the property of Lies Waste Systems. These containers are highly durable and from a trusted vendor. They have a life expectancy of 10 years. If the container you are renting from Lies Waste Systems is damaged, please call our office to request a repair or replacement. If your Lies Waste Systems container disappears, please report that to our office immediately. Lies Waste Systems containers that are not returned/recovered within two attempts upon termination of services will be the financial responsibility of the resident, and will be reflected on the final invoice.
  • What do I do if my trash/recycling does not get picked-up on my pick-up day? Routes start at 7am and can run until 5pm. If you believe that you have been missed, please call us within 48 hours of your regular pick-up day in order to receive an additional pick-up or to receive a missed credit. If you forgot to put out your trash/recycling, feel free to call our office so that we can get you on the schedule for a later date. There is not an extra charge associated with making an extra trip to pick-up a missed stop unless it occurs repeatedly or the service has been on hold due to non-payment.
  • Do you pick-up bulk items and how do I schedule pick-up of bulk items? We do pick-up of small quantities of specific bulk items at an additional charge which varies based on the items and quantity. In order to schedule a pick-up or to find out what items we can accept, call our office at (303)286-6700. Our office staff can give you pricing and schedule a pick-up within 1-2 business days.
  • What is the trash limit every week? Click here to see a document explaining the trash limit.
  • What is the weight limit on the trash? The weight limit for any residential container is approximately 100 lbs. Please do not fill your containers with heavy materials that may cause your container to break while being dumped. Best judgement regarding the container’s weight is left to the driver on your route. Customer will be responsible for personal containers if they break due to being overweight and/or overfilled. The weight limit for bags is approximately 40 lbs. Customers are also responsible for normal wear and tear of personal containers.
  • Do you accept yard waste and tree branches/limbs? Yes, we do accept yard waste. All grass clippings and leaves need to be bagged and tree branches/limbs need to be cut down to around 4 feet in length and tightly bundled in groupings measuring 10 inches in diameter or less.
  • What do I do if I am going to be out of town and want to put my service on vacation? We can put your services on a vacation status for time periods of at least 2 weeks and up to 6 months. We allow vacation holds up to twice per year. During your vacation status, you will not be picked-up and a credit will be processed on your account once it is made active again for the time the service was on hold. Credits will reduce your overall account balance, but will not affect the due date for services used nor the billing cycle. Services will automatically resume on the date specified when you put your account on vacation. To change your account to a vacation status, call our office at (303) 286-6700. Vacation holds must be reported to our office by phone prior to the start date. We are not able to process vacation holds retroactively.
  • What is not allowed in my trash? We do not accept any items that are considered hazardous. Hazardous items include, but are not limited to wet paint, oil, and hazardous chemicals. We also do not accept dirt, gravel, concrete, landscape materials, tires, electronic items, nor construction/remodel materials.
  • Can I use a trash container that has another company’s name on it? Yes! You can use any trash container that you would like. If you do have a container and would like a sticker with Lies Waste Systems on it, call our offices at (303)286-6700 to request one at no extra charge. Please note that Waste Management containers with a yellow lid are specifically designated for recycling materials. Items placed in these containers will not be dumped with the trash. Any items in a container labeled recycling will also not be dumped with the trash for any reason.
  • How do I cancel my account? Lies Waste Systems does not require an annual contract. You can cancel your service at anytime without a cancellation fee; however service is automatically rebilled at the end of each billing cycle and service is provided for 30 days before being placed on hold for non-payment. Customers are financially responsible for service while it is active regardless of the customer’s usage. In order to cancel your service and avoid the automatic renewal, you must call our office at (303) 286-6700 and speak with a customer service representative prior to renewal. Please note that though services are rebilled, they are not automatically charged to your credit card unless you have specifically asked to be placed on auto-pay. You are still responsible to make your payment if not set up on auto-pay.